Loving Tan Review & First Impression

Hi everyone! Hope your 2018 has been off to a great start so far. Who else is excited that it’s finally February? I think we can all agree that January felt like one of the longest months.

I recently came across a new product that I fell in love with and had to share! Being naturally pale I have tried tons of self tanners in the past but none compare to the Loving Tan products. I originally found the brand on Instagram and after scrolling through all their photos of bronze goddess’ I knew I had to place an order asap!

Loving Tan has 3 different colors of mousses to choose from including; Medium, Dark, and Ultra Dark. In each color they have the regular 6 hour mousse and then a 2 hour Express mousse. I purchased the Dark, 2 hour Express mousse and the color is perfect.

My first impression of the mousse is that it’s easy to apply and has a super dark color guard which helps you know where you are applying it. It dries quickly and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky, and it also has little to no smell. They also sell deluxe application mitt’s are which so extremely soft, compared to most other brands which feel like thin pieces of foam.

The product gives a natural olive color and is paraben free and alcohol free so it won’t dry out your skin. I left it on for one full week to see how long the color would last and how it would naturally fade. My tan started to fade around day 4 and 5 and by day 6 and 7 was still slightly lingering on my legs. I used a sugar scrub and was able to easily remove the excess.

If you haven’t ever used a self tanner before I would recommend watching some of their videos that give you a bunch of tips and tricks for applying. One tip I learned was to use a makeup brush and a tiny pump to apply the mousse to your hands and feet. It sheers it out and makes it so much easier to apply!

If you end up trying this product, please leave a comment or tweet me and let me know what you think!

Use the code LOVINGTAN for a free exfoliating mitt with any mousse purchase!

xo, Morgan




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