10 Christmas Traditions

    1. Visit a Christmas tree farm and chop down your own Christmas tree.Our favorite place to go is the Old Time Christmas Tree Farm in Spring, Tx. They have over 40 acres of land filled with thousands of Christmas trees. They offer hayrides around the land, hot chocolate, and they even provide you with a yard stick & saw to measure and cut down your tree.
    2. Elf on a Shelf.I don’t care how old you are, an Elf on a Shelf is such a cute tradition to start. My husband & I don’t have kids yet and even we find cute ways to move the little guy and leave cute notes around the house. Of course, if you have children there are so many more opportunities.
    3. Do a Christmas puzzle.Something as simple as a puzzle can really bring the family or your loved ones together and complete something so festive and fun. Nathan and I did this one this year which we both loved.

      Christmas Town Square 500 Piece Puzzle

    4. Christmas Movie Marathon.Towards the beginning of December I like to flip through the channel schedules and pre-record a ton of different Christmas movies. This way when you’re ready to do a Christmas tradition or just sit on the couch and binge watch movies, you’ll already be prepared and don’t have to channel surf trying to find one in the moment. Freeform, Disney and Lifetime are some of my favorite stations during the holiday season.
    5. Go Ice-skating.I must admit I had never been ice-skating before until this year, and it was so fun! If you live in Houston, I would recommend The Ice Rink in The Woodlands or Ice at the Galleria.
    6. Make a Ginger Bread House.Making ginger bread houses has been a long time tradition in our family. They’re so popular now that they have a ton of different varieties to choose from. Click here to see all the different kits.
    7. Drive around and look at Christmas lights.I would recommend googling your area and seeing which neighborhoods near you have the best Christmas light displays. If you’re from the Houston area I would highly recommend the Magical Winter Lights or Zoo Lights. To get a sneak peek of these two you can can visit my YouTube channel and find a quick video from both places.
    8. Make your own Christmas Ornaments.Ornaments can really put a personal touch on your Christmas tree. They also make great gifts for friends and loved ones. Pinterest has a ton of creative ways to make Christmas ornaments. You can view a few ideas here.
    9. Bake Christmas cookies.Whether you bake the frozen cookies and decorate them or make them from scratch, Christmas cookies are such a great tradition to have. If you have little ones, you can even decorate some cookies to leave our for Santa the night before.
    10. Buy matching Christmas p.j.’s.There is something about tacky Christmas p.j.’s that just make opening presents on Christmas day that much more fun. They also add a cute little festive touch to your photos that you can look back on each year.



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