California Travel Diary & VidCon 2017

Hey guys! Nathan and I just got back from California and wanted to share some of our favorite memories from our trip. We mainly went for VidCon, but since it was my first time there we had to do the whole touristy thing.

We stayed at the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton in Anaheim because it was within walking distance from the Convention center where VidCon was being held. The hotel was really nice, as well as the room we stayed in and the beds were super comfortable. If you’re a Disney Land fan then this is the hotel for you because it’s also within walking distance from the theme park. We saw tons of kids with their Mickey and Minnie mouse ears and you knew exactly where they were headed. Another bonus about the hotel (besides their delicious chocolate chip cookies) is that certain rooms have a perfect view of Disney Land’s firework show each night! And don’t worry if you go to bed super early like me haha, the fireworks stop by 10pm.

Our first tour was the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. This was by far one of the coolest things we have ever done. If you’re a movie buff or just love any of the TV shows like Pretty Little Liars, Gilmore Girls, The Big Bang Theory or Friends, just to name a few… then this is the tour for you! If you can, make sure to request Noah as your tour guide because he was Ahh-mazing! His personality reminded me of Jim Carey a little, and he was full of knowledge about the entire studio. We got to walk through the studio where the Big Bang Theory is currently being filmed and unfortunately weren’t allowed to take any photos or video due to spoiler alerts. We also got to see sets from La La Land and Luke’s Diner from Gilmore Girls. We did see a few celebrities while on the tour, Michael Campion from Fuller House and Adam Hagenbuch from the Freeform show Switched at Birth.

The following day we did a 10 hour Best of Los Angeles City Tour which was nice because we got to see so much in one day without having to worry about fighting the L.A. traffic. The bus picked us up from our hotel along with several other hotels near by, and our first stop was at The Hollywood Walk of Fame where we also stopped by Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. After that we walked through The Grove and The Farmer’s Market which is great for shopping and trying fresh new foods.

After 3 hours there, the bus picked us back up for our last stop which was The Santa Monica Pier. Although it was crazy busy on the day we went due to a free concert, we still made the most of it. We got some amazing ice cream and walked up and down the pier mainly people watching. We wanted to do a few rides like the famous Ferris Wheel, but we were strapped for time so we’ll have to save that for our next trip.

On our final day there we spent the majority of our time at VidCon, attending as many panels as we could just soaking up all the information about filming and editing and youtube etc. It was so nice to connect with so many people from around the U.S. and everyone was very encouraging and supportive of one another.

And for all the foodies out there… you HAVE to go to the Anaheim Packing District. It’s basically a two story food court with tons of funky and unique restaurants. Crepes, Cali Tacos with fresh tortillas, and desserts infused with liquid nitrogen. Everything is pretty much Instagram worthy at this place!

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xo, morgan

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